10403350_10205830153254239_7399378338263870374_nHey guys! I’m Anna.  I have for a long long time wanted to start my own blog, where I would be able to write about my thoughts on life and to share my experiences and adventures along the way. But I really haven’t had the time. But because I graduate college (or as we call it in Denmark, Gymnasium) in June 2015. And the idea was that I would be working for a year or two. But I decided to start university instead. The summer of 2015 I started on a bachelor in Christianity, Culture and Communication. After about half a year I decided to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. So in the summer of 2016 I started on Teachers Training.

1383274_10202485034795121_521423853_nWell I sat down, opened up my laptop and started writing down different ideas to a name for my blog. I really wanted to find a name the characterized me, and not just something that a computer generated.

So after a LONG time I finally found the perfect name: THEGINGERNEXTDOOR. To be honest I’m not that much ginger. But well my hair is ginger-like, and my mother is ginger, so…

A923394_10202485006594416_210746716_ns many people describe me, I am the typical “girl next door”. Even though I sometimes wish that I wasn’t, I have to admit that I am “the girl next door”.

Well on this blog I really want to share my thoughts on life. I will also write about my adventures and the experiences that comes along with it. Besides that I also wishes to write about different DIY-projects I have.

I wish that we could sit down on a café over a cup of coffee, so I could hear something about you! But I really hope that you enjoy this blog.


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