Christmas is coming

Christmas is finally coming! One of the best parts of the whole year is finally here! I have especially been looking forward to this Christmas this year. Last year I went to Gran Canaria over the holidays – that is something I would never do again. It didn’t feel like Christmas at all, and that is why I have rally been looking forward to Christmas this year.

Sitting in my “new” apartment, Pentatonix’s Christmas album playing on my computer, the only light coming from my lighted candles and my Christmas light garland, and I am deeply wishing that I felt like it was Christmas soon. But the feeling is not there. I have been trying so hard the last couple of days/weeks to get in “the holiday-spirit”, but nothing seems to work.

I have been so busy with work,  school and trying to balance everything in my life right now, that I have forgotten what Christmas is really about. Yes, Christmas is the most busiest time of the year – but why it that? Christmas should be about enjoying family and friends, celebrating that the little Jesus-boy was born over 2000 years ago, to later die for us to be able so live an eternal life!  It is like all Christmas is made by the shops to earn the extra money before the year is over. It kills the Christmas spirit! Everything is about getting the biggest and most expensive present of all.

When I was a child, my parents didn’t have that much money to buy my brothers and I presents. But I never compared my presents to my friends. I was so happy to get a barbie doll! Now a days people get disappointed if they “only” get an iPhone 6 and not and iPhone 6s. Where did the grateful children go?

I am so sick of the world being so materialistic! – I’m not saying that I’m not materialistic, because I am. But everything, for me, isn’t measured in how much money you have, how big your house is, how expensive your car is or if you have the newest iPhone. It is measured in how much you live your life. You don’t really live your life if you are sitting with your iPad playing Hearthstone, Candy Crush, Facebook or whatever you are doing in front of the screen. Get out of the house, play in the dirt or the snow, climb som trees, jump in the puddle, kick some leaves in the woods, hang out with your friends or your family. There are SO many things to do without sitting in front of a screen all day.

This post was supposed to be about Christmas, but I was inspired to write this instead. It is something I really have thought about a lot lately. So I just wanted to share my thought with you! I don’t know if I’m the only one, who have thought a lot about that. But I really hope that this has made you think a bit more about how to spend both your Christmas, but also your future.